Premier Projects

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Charger Logistics

Laredo, Texas | 2019

Charger Logistics’ new state-of-the-art facility in Laredo is up and running. Through a partnership with XLNT Contracting LLC, Charger Logistics was able to double its business in Mexico and grow overall capacity by 200 trucks while managing 600 trailers at the location.

The Charger Logistics’ facility is located on 30 acres at 13620 Evolution Loop, just off Interstate 35 in Laredo. It includes a 15,000-square foot repair and maintenance bay, a 24,000 square-foot cold storage warehouse, and an 80,000-square foot dry-freight warehouse. A beacon of safety, honesty, and excellence, Charger Logistics does all the repairs and maintenance on its truck fleet in-house.

Driven to be the best logistics company in North America, the company averages 150 shipments daily in and out of Mexico. Focused on innovation, technology, and superior customer service, Charger Logistics leads the forefront.

120,000 SF Building

1,200,000 SF Parking Lot Paving

9 Month Completion Time

Blue Beacon Truck Wash

Weatherford, Texas | 2021

Founded in Salina, Kansas in 1973, Blue Beacon Truck Wash is a family-owned-and-operated company offering mobile detailing solutions. A hit with truck drivers across the country, Blue Beacon has grown from one bay to 109 truck washing locations over 5 decades. Achieving exponential growth since the 70s, Blue Beacon has grown to be the largest truck washing company in the nation.

Excited to be apart of their expansion, the new Blue Beacon location has allowed them to increase from three bays to four. Not only allowing servicing to local customers, but expanding what the location offers to include over-the-road tractor/trailers and smaller vehicles as well. Having built several new facilities for Blue Beacon over the last 17 years, XLNT Contracting LLC was elated to construct their first ever four bay facility with two bays dedicated strictly to smaller vehicles including pickups, step vans, sprinter vans, RV’s and trailers of all types.

Employing almost 50 people, the expansion has the manpower, equipment, and service tools to offer high quality washes to every customer in need. Blue Beacon’s expansion has helped them achieve their overall mission of “providing the highest quality washes with exceptional, friendly service” (Blue Beacon Truck Wash Site).

15,550 SF Building (4 Truck Wash Bays)

60,000 SF of Paving

9 Month Completion Time