What We Offer



We employ a team of professionals who strive to keep our client’s vision on track and present timeless ideas that will suit our client’s needs, both now and for the future.


As a builder, safety is our number one priority on every project, keeping the overall vision for the project on track as our number one goal. Professional workmanship is stressed in each task performed, with an effort to anticipate any challenges on the project before the work begins, and discuss those challenges beforehand to ensure timely completion of each project.


As we execute the design and production of a project, good stewardship is always a part of our mission as we progress through the construction process. Protecting the natural environment is a priority for our company. Remembering that the air, water, plant life and animals are precious commodities reminds us that we are meant to sustain and preserve the environment. With this in mind, our staff works with our clients from a perspective of bringing longevity to our projects.

Design Build

XLNT Contracting LLC has become proficient in the Design-Build method of delivery for your construction project. We work with a group of Architectural Firms we can recommend for the design of your project. This method of delivery offers an Owner several advantages:

  • Shortens the elapsed time from planning to move-in.
  • Provides competitive bidding at the subcontractor level.
  • Reduces costs to the Owner.
  • Reduces the likelihood of litigation.




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