We at XLNT Group often get involved in the very earliest planning stages of a new construction project.

We can do the following for you:

  • Verify Zoning.
  • Verify all utilities are at the site.
  • Verify required set backs.
  • Determine possible soil conditions.
  • Research available water pressure.
  • Research storm water run-off options.
  • Verify landscaping requirements.
  • Determine existence of easements.

Additional Services Available:

  • Assist or represent client during re-platting process.
  • Assist or represent client during re-zoning process.
  • Assist or represent client with Board of Adjustments Appeals.

Design Build

XLNT Group has become proficient in the Design Build method of delivery for your construction project. We have a group of Architectural Firms we can recommend for your project. This method of delivery offers an Owner several advantages.

  • Shortens the elapsed time from planning to move-in.
  • Provides competitive bidding at the subcontractor level.
  • Reduces costs to you as the Owner.
  • Reduces the likelihood of litigation.