About XLNT

Our creative, cost-saving ideas will help you to achieve your vision for the future. Whether you seek to build an addition, remodel your current facility or erect a completely new one, XLNT Contracting will be there to help you fulfill your dreams.

Teamwork and a hands-on approach create value for our clients through exemplary performance. We trust your professional knowledge, that’s why we seek to work with you to improve your facility, creating a successful partnership designed to build your facility to meet your needs.

We believe value is synonymous with quality and that a quality product for an economical price is good value. We endeavor to provide quality and value driven solutions to your building needs.

In business, our belief in honest and fairness guides our decisions and enables us to provide our clients with the solutions and value they require. Our efforts are focused on the guiding principles of integrity and ethical behavior.

With over 70 years combined construction experience in our top management, XLNT Contracting  has the knowledge and expertise to complete your project to your specifications with the highest level of quality and value.

Through the business referrals generated by satisfied customers, our company continues to grow and succeed.

XLNT Contracting is a corporation that stands for excellence and integrity. We have such a strong commitment to these principles that we used “excellent” in our name in order to remind our customers, staff, subcontractors and vendors of our ongoing pledge to this as our identity. We endeavor to exemplify our dedication to these ideals in all of our relationships with our clients and our industry partners.

It is our goal to have our projects be useful, creative, cost effective, environmentally sound and in harmony with their surroundings. We are able to achieve these high standards by being attentive to our customer’s needs and by knowing the markets of our clients.

Our commitment to continuing education programs for our staff allows us to stay in touch with changing conditions in the construction industry. Our pledge is to give you an XLNT facility that will be timeless in design and materials.

XLNT Contracting is working to maintain growth in sales, gross profit and bottom line net profit while expanding our reputation in the Dallas –Fort Worth Metroplex as a turnkey general contractor. We are experts in commercial and industrial construction specializing in the design–build method of construction project delivery.

Our team concept and reputation for fairness provides for our clients a comfortable working environment designed to reduce the stress of the construction process.
Along with consistent on-time completion, a safe job site and our commitment to staying up-to-date on technology advancements, we deliver competitive, fair prices and a reputation for dependability to our clients.

We believe in our employees and that is why we offer an enjoyable work environment in an atmosphere that promotes individual thinking. Our open door policy encourages fairness and cooperation, providing an atmosphere and reputation conducive to attracting and retaining quality employees as growth occurs. We foster individual development, offering opportunities to stay up-to-date on current technology advancements as well as opportunities to participate in economic bonus pools and discretionary bonuses.

For our subcontractors and suppliers, we offer a steady supply of projects to quote and build in order to help guarantee to them a steady source of revenue. Our dedication to staying current with technology advancements, to on time scheduling and to well organized project delivery also guarantees security and stability to all our vendors. We are dedicated to fairness, consistency and timeliness in our payments to vendors while accepting only high standards of workmanship and quality control from them.